UILI LOUSI's SECOND US Exhibition was held at the MC Gallery in April 29th- May 12th 2015 in New York City. Located on the west side of Manhattan, MC Gallery has always been a home to many global artists with deep cultural roots extending afar across continents and time. From glittering blue water in the Pacific to the gentle rolling olive groves in the Balkans, MC Gallery is a prism to high-lighten how the city's vibrant art pulse is vitally powered by the global creativity in fine arts, music, literature, drama, ... all the existential cultural identity and resilience of the city on a global scale 

The exhibition presented 12 pieces of LOUSI's recent works. At an average size of 100x100 cm (40x40 inch), in oil, acrylic and cut glass. The works present a series of intricate images themed by various geometrical patterns in different arrangements and finishes, often in two colors deployed with a quite remarkable precision and discipline. Their individual and collective visual impact is a feast to see how these geometric elements can transform to distill an asymmetric space in which the intersecting patterns and colors converge playfully with a synchronicity into the distance. 

With their polished contemporary sentiment and cosmopolitan flair, LOUSI's works integrate seamlessly into the living space of today and past. Beyond the initial impression of familiarity, the geometric forms of these works whisper an intoxicating exotic note with a cultural fineness deeply rooted in the Pacific-Moana long civilization. These mathematically beautiful patterns infused with narratives of the Pacific-Moana origin are the enduring aesthetic fundamentals offering a sublime sense of unity as the universe manifested by LOUSI's works. A shared timeless sentiment for a splendid effortless leap from the bustling high-rise jungles in Manhattan Island to the Polynesian Islands dotted in the middle of the Pacific in an eternity. 

Along the Pacific-Moana Islands into the vast openness of blue water and sky, any given formations by communities clustered or rafters dotted, all inevitably since eons of time cultivate a profound sense of intimacy inseparable from a philosophical reflection transcending into the physical existence and individual experience, as LOUSI reflecting in the rich cultural heritage of the Pacific-Moana region where he grew up in The Kingdom of Tonga. That noble sentiment nourishes all forms into a single infinity, leading to the strategic strength of resilience residing along with reconciliation of nature and collective human spirit. That is a lasting epidemiological power to possess both the past and the future, bestowed on the enlightened individuals of true artists of creation in multiple forms, medias, and disciplines as exemplified by LOUSI’s endeavors in visual arts, poetry, crafts, performing, philosophy and mathematics, extending from one single high awareness of the collective existence over time and space.  

The color scheme deployed by LOUSI may not be of a choice but an instinct to convey the architectural concept of space with its entire set of attributes, to deliver a totality of the possibilities in dimensions, colors and textures symbolizing Space and Time, Form and Content, and other aspects of The Universe’s Duality. As the existential digital universe built solely with the binary set on Boolean framework. That splendid infinity inspires with nobility in imagination and strength in functionality. 

LOUSI’s immense interest in philosophy and mathematics brings further along a direct assertive articulation to convey these sentiments. With their mathematically aesthetic vigor narrated with a philosophical clarity, the resulted is a resounding capacity in scalability and sustainability these works can achieve. A scalability without dimensional deflation, and sustainability without duplication, a pleasing asymmetric collective visual experience via the intersection of geometric element subsets to evolve endlessly in the space. 

Decisively void of the need to "be understood" by commercial languages or excised "intellectual" analysis, LOUSI's works offer immense pleasure to experience a new sense of intimacy and consciousness’s with a regained instinct beyond the familiarity. Such an escape is vital more than ever in this increasingly glittering world of physical existence amidst virtual reality.  

LOUSI's works manifest the coming age of the Pacific-Moana, with the region's enduring civilization, ancient and elusive, yet vibrant and functional, simply all tangible and indispensable. Under the profound cultural transformation unfolding globally, these artists like UILI LOUSI from the Pacific-Moana bring along an inherent cultural force to inject new pulse into the new millennium cultural life, all vital to our sustainable global political and economic developments, and the Atlantic's extraordinary artistic achievements a heritage to continue to flourish into the future.

g. chen June 2015 New York