Perfect ‘Pitch at Palace’ for Tongan Artist

Enroute to Perfect ‘Pitch at Palace’ 



Tongan artist Uili Lousi is on a hikoi to London to participate in ‘Pitch at Palace 9.0’.  This event is being held during the Commonwealth Summit from 16th – 20th April 2018.

The event ‘Pitch at Palace’ was founded by The Duke of York in 2014 to support entrepreneurs with the amplification and acceleration of their business ideas.

‘Pitch at Palace’  does this by connecting some of the most innovative start-up businesses globally with potential investors and supporters, including angels, mentors, and key business contacts.

The Uili Lousi Studio

The Uili Lousi Studio beat hundreds of applications from the Commonwealth and has been selected as one of forty entrepreneurs to ‘pitch’ at St James Palace on  Monday 16th April 2018.  There are two cyber-security businesses from New Zealand and Australia that have made the prestigious list of forty. 

There are no other Pacific Island nations present at this event, and although it may be a little lonely for Lousi in London, he is accustomed to being a sole representative from the Pacific and Tonga with his art and accomplishments. 

Under the radar is how he likes to keep it, however, this is a brilliant event for Lousi and he is pumped, primed and ready more than ever to pitch his concept and passion for art, climate change and eco-tourism for the Kingdom of Tonga.

Boot Camp with Facebook

In preparation for the official pitch with The Duke of York, Uili will attend an intensive one-day boot camp that will be hosted by Facebook with the 39 other entrepreneurs.  These preliminary sessions will expose him to coaching and mentoring from professionals like KPMG, The Hult Business School and Facebook.              

Not only will he perfect his pitch during this day, but he will contend for one of the ten, 3-minute pitch opportunities versus the standard 30-second spiel.

Commonwealth Pitch Palace

The Uili Lousi Studio aspirations to provide climate change reality experiences for tourists and locals with the fusion of art, climate change and eco-tourism are coming to fruition. The studio is a transformative business which will enable powerful messaging and innovative business development in a cultural and environmentally sustainable way.   He will be seeking investment funding for six solar-powered amphibian caravans to be operated as premium eco-tourism accommodation in Vava’u, during the July – September whale-watching season.  Outside of this, these amphibian caravans will be converted and used as a platform for art installations to promote climate change awareness throughout The Kingdom of Tonga.  

This unique Uili Lousi Studio experience will be a welcomed addition to the tourism product portfolio for Tonga.   This demonstrates the need for locals to hone their local talents and craft into a product that showcases not only their art and culture but their warm hospitality.  

“It’s unbelievable that our Island, Our Country and Our Home will be on the international stage.  I’m honoured to be chosen and to represent Tonga and share with them my vision for art, culture, and climate-change, in front of the Duke of York and distinguished guests during the Commonwealth Summit and the Pitch at the Palace.  Its Tonga’s time to take centre-stage! Ofa ‘atu” spoken by Uili as he was departing Tonga.

Tourism for the Kingdom of Tonga

Uili wants to personally acknowledge the Ministry of Tourism, Tonga and applauds their recognition and support of the fusion of art and climate change as a sustainable tourism product.  This will be a breath of fresh air for the growing tourism industry in Tonga and the need to remain competitive with the rest of the Pacific.



VOTE in the People’s Choice Award

We want to muster all the support for Uili at ‘Pitch@Palace’ through the People’s Choice Award and voting opened late this morning.

Uili will need all our support from Tonga, New Zealand, Australia the USA and the rest of the world.  So we encourage everyone to log on to the official website and vote here!  

Follow our Facebook Page @Coconewtonga for updates on Uili’s journey and experiences in London during and the lead-up to the official ‘Pitch@Palace’.

Let’s show our love and support for Uili Lousi and Tonga in the same spirit that we do for our sports and other magnificent feats by voting for him.

Mate Ma’a Tonga kiai!


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Background Information


Uili Lousi has received international attention both as an artist and climate change leader.  He has exhibited in New York, New Zealand, Japan, Europe, United Kingdom, Canada, Dubai, and Tonga.  He was the 2016 recipient of the International Emerging Art Award Dubai 2016: awarded 1 of 8 winners from 1600 contestants to exhibit in Dubai’s largest outdoor print exhibition AND the Premio Labora Madrid Prize 2016: awarded for research & ability to combine the best of traditional languages and contemporary art.

Uili attended COP21 and COP 23 and is part of the delegation for Tonga for COP24 in Poland in 2018. He is committed to the Government of Tonga’s ambition of being 50% renewable energy by 2020.

 Uili Lousi was one of the winners of the International Emerging Art Award Dubai 2016 and is the first Tongan graduate from Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corp Training, October 2017 in Pittsburgh, USA.