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Uili Lousi’s art depicts the stillness in motion, of the sacred Fata-'O-Tu'i-Tonga (Tongan Royal Motif's) of his Tongan ancestry; symmetrical, complex and intricate Tongan patterns, abstracted in rhythm, synchronicity, harmony, motion and non-motion, and ultimately, divine beauty.

Through research into mathematics, logic, physics, cosmic sound, and global sacred geometry, Uili transforms the ancient Fata-'O-Tu'i-Tonga into dynamic visual matrix forms, presenting a dialectical process of transition from traditional to contemporary, and representation to abstraction. Contemporary works of art that have been critically acclaimed and collected by art patrons internationally.

Uili expresses, his art emanates "The Space In Between, a fire that has no smoke and does not burn; an inner mounting flame that illuminates and is at peace with the soul".